Aedicula Bookcase


Finish: White paint rubbed through to gold / bare wood. Finished to 2500 grit and waxed.

Fittings: Hand made in England in solid brass.

Approximate cost as shown: £1800





The Aedicula Bookcase is constructed from Seasoned Redwood and pine.

It is in two sections, the top slots into the lower section.

As with most of my pieces, all the profiles are cut by hand using chisels, planes and moulding planes.

The sides are fielded panels - raised by hand plane - set in grooves in mortice and drawbore tenon frames. The doors frames have mitred bridle joints, draw bored and the latice is hand made and set in a hand cut rebate. The moulding profile was cut using wooden moulding planes and rebate planes.

The finish is white rubbed through to gold / bare wood and rubbed down to 2500 grit. Then coated with clear liberon bees wax.