About KlaY furniture.

Original design and construction.

My name is Klay Dumas-Copas and I design and make my own furniture.

I only use hand tools and all pieces are jointed using traditional methods - dovetails, mortice and tenon etc. Whilst the process of making pieces in this way is time consuming, it achieves a look that can only be created by hand. 









Most of my work is cabinets, wardrobes, boxes.

I use softwood mostly, only because it is costly to use anything else. I prefer a painted finish and use various techniques to create a patinated look. However, if a client prefers the look of the natural wood then the piece will be finished to their specification.

I never use MDF. It doesnt lend itself to hand tools or traditional jointing methods.

I do use ply where necessary - for backs of large cupboards where wood panelling would be too costly.

Some pieces are designed and made from scratch, others are refurbished secondhand items such as the trompe l'oeil cabinets.

Becuase I use only traditional hand tools I am able to achieve a truly hand made finish that is unlike anything one will find in most mdern furniture. Even with high end products much of the process will have been undertaken using power machinery.

All joints are cut by hand using tenon saws and chisels. Mouldings are cut using traditional wooden moulding planes. Dados, tongue and groove etc are cut using hand planes. (I do use an electric drill)


Mitred corners and top for blankt chest.


The artwork for the Trompe l'oeil cabinets is taken from master painters such as Guardi, Canaletto and Rousseau. The exact dimensions of the cabinet are laid out in photoshop and the picture overlaid and edited, effects applied etc.


Henri Roussea cabinet.

The large format print is ordered and then applied by hand. Finishing, glazing and distressing is next and the finish of key areas is done by hand, final rubbing down being done with pumice followed byrottenstone.


Blanket Chest. Hand made in seasoned redwood and pine. See GALLERY for details.