Lacquer Blanket Box. Available to commission.

Dimensions: W 864mm H 630mm D 482mm

Finish: 8 coats of paint and glaze. Hand rubbed and finished with Pumice and oil followed by Rottenstone and oil.

Fittings: Hand made in England in solid brass.

Approximate cost as shown: £1100 Click image below for slideshow.




The Blanket Box is made in seasoned redwood and pine. The main body has dovetail corners. The base is a separate piece with a rebate into which the sides are fitted. The feet are oak. The lid has mitred corners and mitred edges to achieve a seamless finish.

Below: The plan for the lid of the blanket box showing the mitred joints, used in order to

achieve a seamless finish. As with the other pieces, this was done by

hand, using smoothing planes, multi plane and shoulder plane.